Greggle; verb: to make something awkward, to be awkward, or create an awkward silence.
I greggled with my classmates after we realized the teacher's zipper was down.
by BCSGB March 29, 2009
Top Definition
Ebonics for the popular vodka, 'grey goose'.
Hey son, lemme get a taste of them greggles.
by RodrigoAlonsoAnzuresOyorzabal March 28, 2007
Noun. A term of endearment reserved for persons named greg or gregory who have infectiously happy personalities, warm smiles, sincere hearts, fluffy hair, and a general fatness when it comes to good food and beer.
Ahhh, Greggles brought us burritos!
by abmeister December 11, 2012
The friend, relative or co-worker you ask questions of rather than using Google.
v. The wifi is down, just greggle it.
by bendunn February 18, 2013
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