I want to eat, but I need some green.
by The Grammar Nazi October 22, 2001
A word used to discribe a girl who is just a tad bit too under aged for socially acceptable sexual relations, although there are still men who will still perform such an act. Derived from unripe fruit being to "green" to pick.
Guy 1:"God damn!!! if that bitch wasn't so green i would break my fucking dick off in her ass!"
Guy 2:"Bro, I don't give a fuck, i'll still hit that shit!
by (grEEn) April 22, 2003
1) Marijuana
2) Money
3) the horny color
4) envious
5) the color
1) let's go smoke some green
2) look at the green of my bills
3) jane is wearing green.. she's horny!
4) bobby is green with envy.
5) grass is the color green!
by hi2u! August 07, 2005
The best color in the world.
Hey get the bag of green and load this bong.
by MrGrinch August 07, 2003
1) A color (mix between blue and yellow). V. To turn mentioned color, to green.

2) Environmentally friendly. (Also, to belong to the American Green Party, which supports the environment.)

3) Inexperienced, untried, new, fresh.

4) Area of a golf course on which putting is done and where the hole is located; a park.

5) Money, particularly the American dollar.

6) Weed.
1) Grass is green. V. The grass is greening in the springtime.

2) Recycling is green. (Jim is green; he supports the Green Party.)

3) The freshmen are always so green; you can trick them like that!

4) Woods made it onto the green in one stroke, only to take three strokes putting before he made it into the hole.

5) I'm out of green, so I can't go out till I get paid next Friday.

6) Charlie smoked a lot of green back then.
by Masquerading January 14, 2009
2] Marijuana; a drug wich you can buy in legal shops in the Netherlands.
2] I smoked some green yesterday.
by Dutcher May 01, 2005
1.One who has done something cruel or mean.
2.One who wrongfully murked someone else.
2.Mayne that sh*t was green.
3.That snitch was green as f**k
by Da One & Onli Q.C.S January 02, 2006

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