Also known as the original Gameboy.
Fundo was watching "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" and was disappointed when they played the Green Screen Game and a Gameboy was no where to be found.
#gameboy #nintendo #hand-held #video game system #portable
by authOOr November 18, 2006
Top Definition
When you put some marijuana in your pipe before hash so your hash wont fall in the pipe and in your throat
darell: ay nigga im gonna choke on this hash

jerome: its aight nigga ill throw a green screen down well get high as fuck
#weed #pot #hash #hashish #niggers
by Nworb Ydoc June 16, 2010
when someone does something that is unbelievable, or overwhelming. If you feel a little a little enivious, say it's "Green Screen"
Pffft, That's Green Screen!
#flip #green #screen #envious #overwhelming
by CallofNudity February 20, 2011
To view a motion picture while under the influence of marijuana.
1:"Man i watched kung-fu panda lastnight it was awesome!"
2:"Dude that movie sucks"
1:"Not when you green screen it."
#marijuana #weed #movies #high #awesome
by zacyzacy September 02, 2011
Antiquated computer system, most commonly the AS400. The monitor showed a black background with green text.
Man, I'm sure glad we got rid of those green screens.
by Peter April 15, 2004
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