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a particularly trashy, decrepit, old, rusted, non-functional, or just generally crappy vehicle. The green puddle skipper is an amplification of the general use puddle skipper. A green puddle skipper may be any color (usually "rust"), but bonus points shall be awarded if said car is actually any shade of green. A green puddle skipper goes above and beyond bad taste or low budget, and is the sort of car that should have been shredded, shot, or compacted into a small steel cube dozens of years ago. There is no excuse for a green puddle skipper.
"Holy geez! Was that a bright yellow 1979 Mercury Cougar with a coat hanger for an antenna and Saran Wrap for the windshield?!?"
"Yessir, it was."
"What a green puddle skipper!"
by LightBoy December 08, 2005
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