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a particularly trashy, decrepit, old, rusted, non-functional, or just generally crappy vehicle. The green puddle skipper is an amplification of the general use puddle skipper. A green puddle skipper may be any color (usually "rust"), but bonus points shall be awarded if said car is actually any shade of green. A green puddle skipper goes above and beyond bad taste or low budget, and is the sort of car that should have been shredded, shot, or compacted into a small steel cube dozens of years ago. There is no excuse for a green puddle skipper.
"Holy geez! Was that a bright yellow 1979 Mercury Cougar with a coat hanger for an antenna and Saran Wrap for the windshield?!?"
"Yessir, it was."
"What a green puddle skipper!"
by LightBoy December 08, 2005
A medium-small city in East Central Wisconsin, known by its full and proper name, Fond du Lac. Fondy may also come up in more coarse conversation as "Fondle Sac." Fondy has absolutely no notable features, other than being a massive speed trap while traveling on highway 41. Fondy has a socio-economic makeup similar to that of its neighbor to the South, stallis
"Hey, whatcha doin' this weekin?"
"Oh, goin' to Fondy, for some dinner at Friar Tuck's"
"Good deal."
"Ya hey."
by LightBoy July 17, 2005
A beat up car. A beater. Also known as a POS. Generally, puddle skippers are large-body American sedans from the late 70's through the early 90's, although notable exceptions would be most Volkswagen Rabbits, Quantums, or Golfs, and anything made in a former East Bloc country. Puddle skippers usually emit some kind of smoke, are missing one or all of their hub cabs, and have a stereo worth more than the Blue Book value of the car itself.
"Hey, did you see that new car Jim Bob bought?"
"What is it?"
"A 1984 Caprice Classic, metallic blue!"
"Wow. What a total puddle skipper!"
by LightBoy December 08, 2005
A clueless, nebbish, or otherwise lost individual. A Francine can be of either gender, and has nothing to do with femininity/masculinity. Rather, to be a Francine, one usually must make a dumb or glaringly obvious suggestion, or generally behave in a manner which is more becoming of a slightly brain-damaged garden slug.

This term seems to have originated from the 1984 film, "Ghostbusters." It was coined by Dr. Peter Venkman, played by Billy Murray, in reference to Dan Aykroyd's character.
"I was thinking that maybe for Halloween, we should carve some pumpkins!"
"Wow, way to be on top of the decorating, Francine."
by LightBoy January 25, 2006

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