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Responsible for the spread of HIV to the human race. Found in South Africa, coincidentally home of the tribe that frequently enjoyed ritual sex for peanuts with these primates. See porch monkey.
If we moved all of the green monkeys to AIDStrailia, the world would be a happier and safer place.
by Eugene V. Debs January 21, 2004
A species native to the planet Yina. In appearence, they resemble lean, tall gorillas, with bright green fur, and large pointed ears.

Unforturnately, most of these extremely intellegent creatures have been taken as slaves.
Perhaps it is a matter of time before the Green Monkeys band together and fight for their rights.
"I took a green monkey into my bed chamber and had my way with him."
#green monkey #green monkeys #princess armonda #armonda's monkeys #yina #planet yina
by Mistress of Melk December 05, 2007
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