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1- From the play "Wicked"

Elphaba (the future Wicked Witch of the West) is the illegitimate daughter of her mother and her mother's lover (the future Wizard of Oz). Her skin is green because of a "green elixer" from the lover that her mother drank.

2- A green drink, usually a mixture of green lollipops and Sprite. Often, the one drinking the mixture is accused of being pregnant, much like the Witch's mother in "Wicked."

3- Something ironically scandalous.
- Have another drink, my dark-eyed beauty
I've got one more night left, here in town
So have another drink of green elixir
And we'll have ourselves a little mixer
Have another swallow, little lady,
And follow me down...

- Did you hear about the Wizard? He apparently is the father of the Wicked Witch of the West! That is so green elixir!

- Green elixir again?!?!
Are you pregnant?
by Lanzerr September 19, 2009
Commonly used slang for Mountain Dew.
"hey man, let's go to Walgreens to get some green elixir."
by greenelixir December 29, 2011

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