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a Virus that Masquerades as latte art coffee passion. Greedfest is Actually a manmade virus built to collect as much money per hour as possible.

More profitable than coffee once the larvae hatch and begin to eat your soul. Once you sponsor greedfest the viral host won't let you leave.

Outbreaks are tri-annual but it may be treated with a lawyer and a truthful Interrogatory.

in Extreme cases greedfest Delusions Exhibit irrational beliefs, held with a high level of conviction that they own a state such as Washington, they are highly resistant to change even when the delusional party is exposed to forms of proof that contradict the greedfest organism.

Simple word associations are impossible to the greedfest patient i.e. I say coffee city and you say? Clearly Seattle is where a coffee association would locate a show.

Friends don't let Friends Greedfest. Just say NO to lifestyle events or wear protection. Their is help available if you genuinely care about coffee.
i got shafted and woke up with greedfest! Went in for latteart and came out in superior court wearing a used lifestyle...what an event.
by Latte Art July 15, 2010
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An anual meeting of members of the Burton Message Board (BMB) that was started in the 06/07 snowboard season. The name spawned from the member "Greed" from the BMB, who randomly decided to try to create a BMB meeting that would rival DEVCON.

Members that attend Greedfest are often gear-whores and do nothing but pretend they are as good as their eqipment. They pick a different location each year, often ending up spending the majourity of their time touching eachother in the cabin.
PG and Greed made sweet love at Greedfest 07.
by Guatalupe May 14, 2007

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