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noun, greed + catastrophe.

1. General, where greed on the part of one party causes a catastrophe to some other party. Example: some resource harvester (mining, forestry, fishing) rips-off the putative resource owners without adequate compensation, usually with wider negative effects such as pollution (mining, forestry) and/or resource depletion (all, but especially fishing; no fish no eat.)

2. Specific, where the catastrophe referred to is the possible - going most probable - negative effect on our environment, thought to result from ever-increasing CO2 build-up in the atmosphere, this CO2 build-up in turn being one result of fossil-fuel burning, mature forest clearing etc.

This catastrophe is also referred to as climate change, aka global warming, aka greenhouse-effect.

The term greedastrophe indicates the prime cause of, and major hindrance to effective action against, this CO2 build-up, much feared by compassionate realists - and much dismissed by pushed-paradigm apologists, spruikers and/or lying (criminal!) propagandists.

Note: greed is *not* good; never was and certainly not now. Wo/mankind has made great progress - by cooperating; now our very world is threatened by the greedy acts of a dastardly few. The name of the game is not 'rip-off your neighbour,' but enlightened altruism; do no harm.
The greedastrophe may be the greatest crisis ever to be faced, and if not avoided, may be our last crisis.

The greedastrophe is *everyone's* business: gotta stop it!

Avoiding the greedastrophe will require we the people to deploy countervailing power against (venal!) vested interests. In our so-called democracies (US, UK, Aus & Israel, say) the only lever we possess is our so-called representatives, they must now change to *properly* representing us.
by phil kendall March 31, 2008
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