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Greb - Many people seem to think that grebs are depressed and want to kill them selves and only wear black ect.. But they are wrong, grebs just like to have fun, it means nothing to them if people make fun of them because they are proud to be different.
Walk around a few minutes and see how many people swear at you for dressing the way you want to!
Some people say that grebs hate townies (Some do, some don't, all i hate is chavs!)
by Christopher Smith September 06, 2005
A word quite often used by chavs to describe anyone with hair more than half a centimetre long. Used by ignorant morons who make it a generic term for someone who likes rock music, when most of the time real 'grebs' don't care how they're classed.
Moron 1: Watch wer ur goin init.
Moron 2: Stupid greb wiv iz long 'air innit.
by Selryam March 30, 2006
a greb is a person who wants to be an individual, they dress how they like, usually wearing baggy clothes, with skulls or daggers. They have their own fashion, and don't care what others think. They don't all ways try to be differant as some people say, but they simply don't care what other people think of them. Basically they do what the hell they like.
non-greb "hey you, why are you wearing that? The top so doesn't go with the trousers"

greb "and?"
by tomboy kev. (i'm a gal!) October 10, 2005
A greb is someone who wants to be individual, they are usually smart and are really nice people unlike chavs... who i think should be shot. Many people think grebs have greasy hair and wear baggy clothes to cover self harming marks, but they actually care about their appearance and wear baggy clothes to express their feelings.
I am a greb and I tend to hang around in a big group just talking, on non school uniform days I wear black baggy clothes and loads of jewellery where as chavs wear trackies and football shirts and generally try to act hard to impress others. Grebs Rule
by Holly K October 19, 2007
A word used to describe anyone who listens to "alternative" music. It is also yet another way people have come up with to further segregate people in society. They often see themselves as being superior to “Chavs” in every possible way and are seen by “Chavs” the same way, both of course are wrong. They can be just as rude and obnoxious as everyone else but a lot as shown by pervious definitions show a lot have a hard time coming to terms with this.
There are just as many grebs who are obnoxious elitist morons as they are polite and kind Grebs.
by Super_barry March 17, 2005
Rebel without a cause.
lets rage a war aginst the yo-dans/nar-dans.
by rebel_washu March 12, 2004
often confused with Goths. these people do not want to kill them selves. however like Goths are anti townie
usualy hate 'nar' music and can say the letter 'T' in words
by dedbled January 01, 2004