I have previously checked out the words Townie and Nar Dan. Entries suggesting the meanings of these two are mainly from the Grebs point of view (I used to be a bit grebby buy I dont know what I would be classed as now, I listen to stuff like muse, nickel back and keane, someone please tell me if you know) Anyhoo, Any entries on Nar dan or Townie that isn't by a greb has bad grammar and suggests that it was infact a townie/nardan entered it themselves. Although no one really cares what they think I shall say well done because they actually managed to type something (i think i operating a computer takes a small amount of intelligence...its astounding they have evolved to begin to use technology) anyway, Also if you are reading through the definition of greb, any entry that is against them also has bad grammar meaning...YES! you guessed it...it was submitted by either a townie or a greb. BACK TO THE DEFINITION!

Grebs can be one of 2 kinds

People that were actually into the greb "fashion" before it was turned into a catergory/group They like Rock/punk/emo/indie music...some listen to heavier stuff more than others but they are still quite open minded and don't talk badly about stuff they aren't that into.

Piss me off, they think it's fashionable and are only in it because they want to be accepted. They usually buy their clothes from new look and tammy girl (stupid cheap clothing shops that only sell fake shitty grebby clothing cause they think it's fashionable...as opposed to ice 9/void which is where real grebs shop, the manufactured grebs are too scared to go in them shops) they go around wearing nirvana hoodies wehn they probably only know one or two songs and own non of their albums. They usually ages between 7 and 12 and are so fake and full of shit. They claim to like many bands but know nothing of them because they aren't in the charts. These sort of grebs secretly worship bands like busted and the rasmus because they have been in the charts with their so called "rock" songs.

I approve of the genuine grebs but dissaprove of manufactured...hope you enjoyed reading my definition
P.S manufactured grebs, townie and nar dans (especially) SUCK DONKEY NUTS!
Hang around town squares smoking and drinking...they have the equivalent of 1 unit between about 5 of them and then stumble round acting pissed and say "oh i'm so drunk".

Aren't sad enough to do stuff like that, they'd probably rather chill at home and smoke a weed and listen to their favourite bands.
by Amy Metcalf June 08, 2004
someone who is a wannabe scene. used in birmingham. they generally are STILL wearing skinny jeans and those vile h&m polkadot and starry hoodies
haha that grebo in that nasty spotty hoody and a combover looks WELLLLLL gay.
by amy jupaaa January 24, 2007
Grebs are the following

1. Distgusting
2. Nasty
3. Poofs
4. Dick heads
5. Cunts
6. Nasty 2 us chavs 4 no reason
7. Total fuckin cunts that reject gangsta rap, 50 cent and everythin else thats cool.
Greb 1. Chavs are so violent we should kill them kill in horrible ways

Greb 2. Yes you are so cool then we can fuck each other cos we do that sort of thing

Chav. Fuck off dickheads

Greb 1. I know what he said but I'll pretend I don't just to make myself look even more of a cunt than I already look.

Greb 2. Oh yes your so clever as a special treat you can have all the grease I own just so your even more fuckin distgusing

Greb 1. Oh your so kind but then we always sayu we're kind don't we even though we're an evil gay bunch of cunts!!!!!
by Chav 4 life March 05, 2007
aha! I wanted for so long to know what is the real word for the phlegm that accompanies smoking cigarettes.
not only that,mind... I now know the one for the unapeasing stench left by the smoke: qualm.
*puffs and drags another loooooong one* listening( no shit, I swear on my father) to The Platters song Smoke Gets In Your Eyes!!! (I don't believe it myself!!!) omfg!
by hytham_hammer July 09, 2005
A greb is a person who, in a disastrous attempt at 'individualism', dresses in the same way and listens to the same music as all of his/her greb friends.

Grebs typically wear baggy trousers, hoodies of their favourite bands, chains and various skateboarding paraphernalia. This is meant to be a backlash against 'designer label culture', but the greb doesn't seem to realise that just because you don't dress in designer clothes it doesn't mean you have to make yourself look like a complete prick.

Grebs listen to 'alternative music'. This would imply that it is somehow different to what is heard in the mainstream, yet most of the CDs they listen to are available at Woolworths. It's the sort of stuff that John Peel stopped playing at the end of the 1970s, yet to them it is 'new' and 'innovative'. Grebs dismiss new and interesting forms of music, saying that it is made by people with no talent. To a greb talent is someone who is not bad at guitar who can also play grade 5 on piano.

Grebs are rivals of the chavs/townies. They dislike the way the 'townies' experiment with new forms of language which distinguish them from the older generations. Grebs talk like their parents.

Grebs are contained in their own little ghettos in order to protect the public at large. They are usually found in the less well-off parts of the suburbs. Their parents are typically teachers and social workers who spend their spare time reading The Guardian and telling everyone about how Margaret Thatcher ruined British society in the 1980s. Grebs themselves have left-wing political beliefs. They tell you they believe in equality, but look down their noses at the 'chav underclass'. They will tell you all about the evils of capitalism, but spend most of their time watching Sky TV and take their summer holidays in Disney World where they drink Coca-Cola all day and eat lunch at McDonald's.

In summary, these guys have got ISSUES.
Normal Person 1: Yes man. What you saying?
Normal Person 2: I was all good until I saw that greb.
by Paul_notts September 15, 2005
A greb is usually a person who has been bullied at some point and usually inbread. They dont bathe or use any form of deoderant so they stink really bad. REALLY BAD! man they're sweaty. also they seem to enjoy skateboards and black clothes not to mention there fettish for leather. In all, a low, low, low form of life. If you wish to see a greb in action, pop down to your local skate park or follow the stench of salty clothing.
passer by: You guys reek, i mean come on, its not hard work to buy a sponge
greb: Say man.... errrm.... that was.... errrm..... bogus dude
by Dan Shepo February 18, 2005
to spit - British (possibly only Scottish) slang.
"Mumtaz, you manky twat, you've fucking grebbed all over my chippie."
by Hieronymos Taverna December 16, 2015
Around the city of Derby (UK) at least, the phrase "Greb" refers to someone who dresses in a mixture of indie and emo styles, such as a military jacket and high top converse, they listen to a mix of that music, and are also most likely known around the social ecosystem as stoners, and to be quite defensive towards other groups.
The grebs congregated in the city center around the bus station, much to the dismay of the general public
by UngratefulLiving October 20, 2015

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