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A group of people who think they're original and yet look the same as every other greb for the past 20 years. They're insistent they dont like "labelling" and yet theyre the most bitchy against anyone who doesnt act/look the way that they do.

They wear t-shirts/hoodies adverstising their favourite bands, and seem to think theyre making some kind of statement by wearing the clothes they wear, when actually noone cares.

They tend to congragate in large groups in shopping centres. You'll recognise them because they have stripy socks on their arms.

They think they're cool now, but dont worry, you rarely see grebs over the age of 20, so most of them will grow out of it, and realise originality comes from within.

However, if you get "into their group", they do tend to be kind, sensitive and intelligent.
Greb 1: "so and so bought a top from topshop"
Greb 2: "OMFG She's such a townie"
Greb 1: "yeah, lets go write about it on our blogs then take some pictures of ourselves looking depressed".
by loserloserloser March 02, 2009

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