I have previously checked out the words Townie and Nar Dan. Entries suggesting the meanings of these two are mainly from the Grebs point of view (I used to be a bit grebby buy I dont know what I would be classed as now, I listen to stuff like muse, nickel back and keane, someone please tell me if you know) Anyhoo, Any entries on Nar dan or Townie that isn't by a greb has bad grammar and suggests that it was infact a townie/nardan entered it themselves. Although no one really cares what they think I shall say well done because they actually managed to type something (i think i operating a computer takes a small amount of intelligence...its astounding they have evolved to begin to use technology) anyway, Also if you are reading through the definition of greb, any entry that is against them also has bad grammar meaning...YES! you guessed it...it was submitted by either a townie or a greb. BACK TO THE DEFINITION!

Grebs can be one of 2 kinds

People that were actually into the greb "fashion" before it was turned into a catergory/group They like Rock/punk/emo/indie music...some listen to heavier stuff more than others but they are still quite open minded and don't talk badly about stuff they aren't that into.

Piss me off, they think it's fashionable and are only in it because they want to be accepted. They usually buy their clothes from new look and tammy girl (stupid cheap clothing shops that only sell fake shitty grebby clothing cause they think it's fashionable...as opposed to ice 9/void which is where real grebs shop, the manufactured grebs are too scared to go in them shops) they go around wearing nirvana hoodies wehn they probably only know one or two songs and own non of their albums. They usually ages between 7 and 12 and are so fake and full of shit. They claim to like many bands but know nothing of them because they aren't in the charts. These sort of grebs secretly worship bands like busted and the rasmus because they have been in the charts with their so called "rock" songs.

I approve of the genuine grebs but dissaprove of manufactured...hope you enjoyed reading my definition
P.S manufactured grebs, townie and nar dans (especially) SUCK DONKEY NUTS!
Hang around town squares smoking and drinking...they have the equivalent of 1 unit between about 5 of them and then stumble round acting pissed and say "oh i'm so drunk".

Aren't sad enough to do stuff like that, they'd probably rather chill at home and smoke a weed and listen to their favourite bands.
by Amy Metcalf June 08, 2004
At first a "greb" seems to be the complete opposite of a townie and a lot of them are. Though be careful because on occasion some mistake being "open minded and indiviual" for being complete d**kh**ds and acting exactly like they're arch enemy the townie. Examples of what to watch out for are
Ex 1
Greb 1: "Hey wanna go on a townie hunt?"
Greb 2: "Yeah lets kick their butts!"

Ex 2
"Hey see that window over there? Lets see if we can break it with these stones!"

Ex 3
Greb 1: "Hey look! a dead bird/squirrel!"
Greb 2: "Cool! Lets leave it on that car bonnet!"
Greb 3: "No lets put it in a bag and take it school! We can scare the townies with it and make them think we're disgusting sick minded idiots and beat us up!"
by Trip April 21, 2004
a greb is a cross between a townie and a emo atlist thats wot they are were i come from now alot of these posts on grebs are just to get at townies (or chavs as u like to call them but thaere not chave townies are just normal lads or girls who like brand clothing and traners eg.nike adidas LRG and that like me.)now a greb from leicester is somone who carnt decide wether to be a townie or a emo so they do both they were werd cloths with dodgy cullers that are still brand names and think there ard but cunt punch there way out ov a paper bag trust me iv skraped lodes in other words they are just like chavs but with a wider vocabulery.
grebb:im difrent cuz i were difrent cloths

townie:y carnt u deside wot to be

emo:same as abuv
by mista jallen March 14, 2008
A word for someone who is just not quite there, or doing something stupid, or just it can just be used to insult somebody.

Originated around Summer 08.
Person 1 - Would you look at that, Mark's got his shirt on back to front again.
Person 2 - What a greb.

OR along the lines of ''What you looking at, you little greb!''
by Greb In Da Corner September 28, 2008
A youth sub-culture that is a little bit shit, really.

And in all honestly, around 50-60% do generally have very greasy hair and grotesque faces.

To conclude, the people that join this sub-culture are almost exclusively either children that were bullied and could only find a friend in the fellow bullied, or ugly girls that can only have sexual intercourse with a bullied child.
"we are random and individual"

"let's post nasty things about our enemies, the chav / townie / rudeboi / whatever, that'll show em!"

- possible things a 'greb' may / may not say
by Mr. Factual Information January 28, 2009
A slang term for someone who is known/thought to be dirty and smelly.
They are into deep and heavy music, and can be spotted wearing black clothes.
Generally, goths and emos are selected as a greb.
"Shut up you fucking smelly little greb!"
by Seano-2007 October 15, 2008
Grebs generally wear tatty old baggy black or blue jeans, spikey necklaces and wristbans along with a nirvana or slipknot hoody. they all seem to think theyre being individual or different bye doin this, but all look the same, they think slipknot and cradle of filth are proper hardcore death metal, but have never even heard of good bands like the devil wears prada, drop dead gorgeous or the black dahlia murder.

they generally pride themselfs as being more intelligent and morally superior to chavs, but in reality are more or less the same, just with different taste in music and different clothes/hair. as they are just as narrow minded, which you will clearly see if you read alot of the other definitions of greb.
Greb 1 - oh my good, have you heard the new slipknot song, its soo heavy, i love it.
Greb 2 - i know, and the new cradle album is amazing, dani filth is sooooooo good.
Real Metalhead - haha look at those freakshows talking about ther shitty pretend metal, lets beat the shit outta them and proceed to the black dahlia murder gig.
Scen Kid - ok
by Storm almighty September 08, 2007
to purposely swallow a nailgun for gambling purposes.
If horse #2 wins, I'll greb, but if horse #1 wins, you own me 1,000,000,000,000.00 dollars.
by bread infection November 07, 2005

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