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Unwashed, dirty. Often hair.
"Kurt Cobain often had greasy hair."
by Dead Deer June 20, 2005
6 33
Greasy is a broad term, essentially meaning something sketchy, fucked up or sleazy.

The word can be applied in many situations and can vary in greatly in terms of fuckedness. Greasy behaviour could be anything from, taking a picture of your bros nipple, to brutally raping someone.

Greasiness as a philosophy incorporates nihilistic and libertine values, it may be both respected by some and abhorred by others.
"I just saw a video of Will getting a handjob in the woods. That guy is so greasy"

"That strip club looks Greasy as fuck"

"He lives a greasy lifestyle."
by DirtyProfessor April 30, 2014
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A citizen of Greece. A Greek.
I thought Adonis was Greasy. But he's actually a Belch.
by HonkeyCred March 05, 2011
2 1
In New Zealand referring to Fish and Chips
Hey mate, let's go for some greasies.
by Muliaina July 31, 2009
2 2
A man who like to have sex with other men.He wears a scarf and/or puts grease on his hair.His name usually is Philip, Grigor or Iulian.
Sgtrangle this greasy boy with his scarf!!!
by penio March 22, 2009
4 5
The 'fad' word a year ago. Means somone or somthing you don't like, or somthing specific you don't like about a person.
a. "EW! Bob wore that shirt yesterday! That is so greasy"
b. person 1:so, have you talked to sue yet
person 2: yeah, we had a really greasy conversation
c. His hair looks so greasy today
by Lorli March 13, 2005
3 4
A craddle-rocking whore who never washes her hair and has deaf parents.
Holly is such a greasy girl.
by Brandon Randolph March 25, 2008
10 12
A person who is not classy, maybe have a lot of money but isn't well mannered, well educated, Always doing a show-off about money, expensive clothes. A tacky person! Mostly new riches, spending lots of money on luxurious stuff. Excesive Animal Print is so greasy! Car Tunning is so greasy! Because The grease is disgusting, oiled, doesn't smell good.
Paris Hilton is so greasy! Always wearing flashy clothes, always doing scandals, her house is Pink Panther's house. she hasn't a low profile.

Victoria Adams (Beckham)


Mariah Carey

The opposite to GREASY is POSH, CLASSY, POLITE, ELEGANCE, SMARTNESS. E.g.: Natasha Poly, flavia oliveira, maxima zorreguieta, lady di.
by Lorenzo1983 October 21, 2011
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