Unwashed, dirty. Often hair.
"Kurt Cobain often had greasy hair."
by Dead Deer June 20, 2005
1. To feel greasy means to feel like a badass mofo ready to do anything.

2. When something is greasy it is either cool, badass, or anything to that extent.
Billy: Are you sure about calling all of the UFC fighters gay and slapping them?
Captain Osiris: Dude i'm feelin greasy, i can do whatever the hell i want.

Colt: Dude I got this new Pitt Bull/Rottweiler and its pretty greasy.
by Soup84 April 15, 2009
Greasy is a broad term, essentially meaning something sketchy, fucked up or sleazy.

The word can be applied in many situations and can vary in greatly in terms of fuckedness. Greasy behaviour could be anything from, taking a picture of your bros nipple, to brutally raping someone.

Greasiness as a philosophy incorporates nihilistic and libertine values, it may be both respected by some and abhorred by others.
"I just saw a video of Will getting a handjob in the woods. That guy is so greasy"

"That strip club looks Greasy as fuck"

"He lives a greasy lifestyle."
by DirtyProfessor April 30, 2014
Acquired from a misconception while playing call of duty 4 online.
meaning Cool.

can be used as an adjective or a noun.
aww hell greasy thats whats up!
Hey greasy what are you doing?
My nigga.. thats whats greasy!
Hey greasy bo dylan
by Nigbodale May 09, 2009
In New Zealand referring to Fish and Chips
Hey mate, let's go for some greasies.
by Muliaina July 31, 2009
a canadian slang word used to describe a teenage girl who wears dirty track suits, has long, slimy hair tied up in a bun, always has drama going on which she must talk loudly about in public places, thinks shes really hot, smokes cigarettes, and like terrible rap music.
That girl in Maple Ridge was sure a greasy bitch.
by d souts August 21, 2009
The 'fad' word a year ago. Means somone or somthing you don't like, or somthing specific you don't like about a person.
a. "EW! Bob wore that shirt yesterday! That is so greasy"
b. person 1:so, have you talked to sue yet
person 2: yeah, we had a really greasy conversation
c. His hair looks so greasy today
by Lorli March 13, 2005
(noun) A really obese woman who has to use Crisco in the doorway to fit through it.
Melissa is most definitely a greasy
by mrsuperloco September 27, 2014

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