any fat italian man who wears to much cologne ( usually a cheap brand ) and has dyed hair. He will usually slick it back and use to much gel , therefore he becomes a greasball.
dirty italians go eat some more pasta
by Grease monkey February 26, 2005
a stereotypical Puerto Rican. Usually a pretty boy who tries to pick up girls in a slimy manner
Juan is such a stereotypical spic greaseball. He'll shake your hand and try to fuck your'e wife.
by wicked August 15, 2003
Some guy or girl that dosent take a shower for a week and rubs oil in his hair every morning. Also he needs to wear a sign saying "No Smoking within 5ft" because his oily head will combust
Harjinder "Greaseball" Sidhu is soooo greaasy
by Tutti head March 09, 2010
A person who puts Tres Flores, Dixie Peach, or 90 weight gear lube in his hair.
Ramon and Jimmy Bub are a couple of grease balls who never go out in public before greasing their hair.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 14, 2005
A dirty stinky nigglet with chicken
That greaseball been ate all the chicken
Yo greaseball Fuck you
by ishitonyou June 19, 2011
a person who does not wash their hair
alexis is greaseball
by concerd citizen February 17, 2003
a group of tennegers or adults that are into the whole 1950s culture or rockabilly which was a revival of the 50s on the 80s.stray cats, pole cats were high known rockabilly bands
1950s-elvis presley, chuck berry, dion and the belmonts style of music,etc.
the greaseball jumped the gangster after using dax grease to slick his hair back
by GWC May 07, 2006

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