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a group of tennegers or adults that are into the whole 1950s culture or rockabilly which was a revival of the 50s on the 80s.stray cats, pole cats were high known rockabilly bands
1950s-elvis presley, chuck berry, dion and the belmonts style of music,etc.
the greaseball jumped the gangster after using dax grease to slick his hair back
by GWC May 07, 2006
derogaroty term for Italians; synonomous with dago, wop, and guido
by Paul Thundergod July 10, 2003
another derogatory term for an italian. A greaseball is someone who looks like they don't take showers all that often. Italians seem to be naturally greasy and unheigenic. Therefore this name was made to describe this certain breed of italians who lack etiquette and basic hygeine.
sonny is such a fucking greaseball.
by luigiscousin September 20, 2007
This originally refers to italians. But generally it can be anyone who does not wash his or her hair.
by Andrewsky March 05, 2003
an italian person
hey wop greaseball
by jimmy fradette March 30, 2003
A young Greek Boy who eats to much fast food, such as hot pockets and as a result sweats grease even if thier not working out or doing activities that demand movement.
Wow, Nick Velis is so much of a grease ball, you could cook french fries in his recently used bath water.
by Johnny Cocraine December 23, 2008
An insult to someone who is really fat and disgusting .
"Ay, I says shut up you grease ball, before I roll yo ass down a hill!!"
by DamnIt69 May 11, 2010
a stereotypical Puerto Rican. Usually a pretty boy who tries to pick up girls in a slimy manner
Juan is such a stereotypical spic greaseball. He'll shake your hand and try to fuck your'e wife.
by wicked August 15, 2003