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A derogatory reference to a large woman or young lady, at least a little overweight, or buffered by a layer of fat around her gut, who also enjoys nagging at men, stalkering or snooping in other's business, cock-blocking, and has a general nervous attitude about herself that's very off-putting. Aforementioned woman might also enjoy buying lavish dinners for men that she stalks and bothers about.
Guy: 'If you guzzle another coffee cup of melted Velveeta cheese, grease-puss, those buttons are gonna pop off your blouse....grease-puss!'
Girl: 'I want peanut butter, NOW!!! With chocolate M&M's mixed in!!!(Snort, snort, wheeze...)
Guy: 'I said NO, grease-puss! Peanut butter and M&M's will just make you fatter!'
Girl: 'NOW!!! I said CHEESE!!! NOW!!!'
by coozehound72 August 17, 2010
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