1. Someone who has bits of food, grease, etc. in their facial hair or normal hair.

2. Someone who loves working on cars.
George: Man, John never puts a hairnet on when using the deep fat frier. What a grease monkey.

Josh: All that that grease monkey Joel does all day is work on cars.
by The Anonymous Corporation April 29, 2010
An unlicensed or on-the-side mechanic that you go to when you can't afford to go to a real mechanic. Often used when the job is simple, or you no longer want to dump money into your very old car.
Can also be applied to a halfway knowledgable person in any field (ie: computer repairs, home repairs, gender reassignment)
"I took my car to this grease monkey I know and he screwed up my tranny. That'll teach me to stop being cheap."
by Bionic Latino August 28, 2008
Someone who deliberately does not wash their hair reguarly and is regarded by others as a greasy skett. Hair smells and dandruff flakes are apparent they are not pleasent to look at.
Emma Staunton

"Go grease lightning"

"You' ve got enough grease on top to open up a chip shop!!"

"Err have you seen that Grease Monkey over there!? She wants to go get that hair of hers checked out by the Grease Police!"
by Susan Windridge February 20, 2009
operator of mechanical equipment,usually on a construction site
Diesel powered cement mixer:
Small and large dumpers;
Various other equipment
by Michael December 15, 2003
A hand job with lube.
Worker #1: She got the biggest ass licking in the world in the weekly newsletter.
Worker #2: She must be giving the boss grease monkeys in the lactation room.
by Dolemite71 April 04, 2006
A flaccid penis covered with shit.
After a long night of butt secks, I fell asleep. I awoke the next morning with a grease monkey between my legs.
by LikwidX July 10, 2007
some one who does alot of speed
fuckin grease monkeys
by sc_savage February 26, 2006

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