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An underground rap group from Cleveland, OH
and also members of the rap group "Mo' Thugs"

Group includes:
Sin, Tombstone, Gates and Lil Boo
But unfotunatly Lil boo was shot during a drive-by shooting in Cleveland, OH
Lil Boo is mentioned in the song "The Crossroads" By Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
"Your live with the Bone Thugs, Poetic Hustlas and the Graveyard Shift on the first" - Layzie Bone
by KeZzAnz June 18, 2007
Working midnight shifts
I hate my graveyard shift as a security person.
by Quyen Chau December 08, 2004
A work shift that runs from Midnight to 8 AM.
Hey man, I can't go out with you guys tonight. I'm workin' the graveyard shift.
by some dude February 16, 2005
a working shift that begins at midnight or 2 AM
I don't think I would have enough energy to stay awake during a graveyard shift.
by Light Joker July 08, 2005
to work overnight, to work at midnight ending at sunrise.
i worked graveyard shift at fedex for 2 years
by skaterjack October 05, 2006
The worst shift to work; one must work through the night while tired and bored as fuck.
John: You comin' to the party tomorrow night?
Mike: Nah, I got the graveyard shift.
John: Ouch, sorry man.
by boreda August 08, 2012
Staying up all night playing Bioshock 2, usually requires resting up.
Reuben took a nap so he would be able to make it through the graveyard shift.
by nictron February 11, 2010