Trendy Goths who decide they like techno. Either for emotional reasons or cool points. Sometimes they may attend an occasional rave, but they will never be seen raving. They are the ones wearing black fishnet and sitting in the corner grimacing with their imaginary juggalo friends.
"hi!!! want a sticker? how aboot some glitter?"

"fuck off. I'm too cool for this shit."
by Colleen. July 14, 2004
anyone, typically over 40, dressing in an unsuitably “hip” young fashion, embodying a “Jersy Shore” meets “MMA” style, totally oblivious to how ridiculous and unhip they actually appear; anyone over the age of twelve wearing Ed Hardy. See Simon on “The Real Housewives of New York City” and Jon Gosling.
After my parents found the Ed Hardy outlet, they became total gravers!
by firwinca July 10, 2011
A different definition than the goth/raver hybrid.

A secret act carried out that is so embarrassing or awful that you will die before telling anyone what you did...even your closest friends.

This usually falls under the whole, "It sounded like a good idea at the time" deal. Luckily, there are no witnesses.

Destroying something by accident, the biggest lie one would ever tell or a sexual escapade that would bring down the furious wrath and ridicule of one's friends. Forever.
I will never speak of my sex-fest I had with the siamese twin midget transexuals I met at the circus. Although I enjoyed it, I'm keeping this story as a graver.
by beautifulbastard August 02, 2009
1 part goth, 1 part raver. You'll find one in the local "goth" club hepped up on crystal meth and water most likely dancing to EBM (E.B.M.).
Someone tell Aurora that candy jewlery doesn't go with fishnets. She's such a graver.
by gothrobot June 10, 2005
1. A term used to describe a person that attempts to combine both the styles of A) goth and B) raver. Both styles being ridiculous you could see how this paring can prove to be disastrous. Gravers are usually self described as "creative".

2. Really shitty music. See: Graver's Paradise
If you're ever at Union Square you can see all the gravers sparring off by the George Washington Statue. I don't know which are worse: the bums, the junkies or the gravers.
by Venessa Nina April 14, 2006
The new type of goth music that seems to embrace all the mopeyness of regular goth music, but also adds the "thumpa thumpa"sounds of their raver cousins. Good examples of this music genre are Asembledge23 and VNV Nation.
"Damb graver music ruining a perfectly good night for stomping!"
by negativedreamers July 19, 2005

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