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To spoil an object by carelessness or ignorance or both.
"He graunched up my new kitchen whilst fitting it"
by Pedant April 14, 2004
7 7
to damage something by using excessive force, often with the use of an incongruos implement
"i can't seem to close this lid, it looks like someone's tried to graunch the fucker open"
by leon aeon cnut cobalt-blue December 17, 2003
39 17
To make to fit by the use of excessive force.
What? Of course it's the right chip. Graunch it.
by Beeky August 02, 2003
20 11
To graze the skin. A small cut or graze.
I graunched my knee on the pavement.
by Jimble June 26, 2006
10 6
To kiss with intensity & passion..
I was gonna kiss Leila goodnight ,but we ended up {graunching} until dawn.
by soulsurferzen June 15, 2009
7 4
Kiss with excessive force; deep throat snogging; hard core snogging.
We graunched 'til our tongues were swollen.
by TracyPeach November 01, 2007
9 8