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5 definitions by Ni-No-Mo-No

a huge purple monster who sodomizes thirsty children.
The Grapist sodomized j00!
by Ni-No-Mo-No March 18, 2003
308 102
verb(v) - A way of doing instead of not doing, exceptions include any other way but up.
I'm all done up, now it's down time!
by Ni-No-Mo-No September 02, 2003
2 0
verb (v) - To violently milk; to milk the countryside with milk!
Billy Bob Joe bob enjoy drowning asian kids in milk!
by Ni-No-Mo-No March 18, 2003
4 4
Noun (N) - Childish word created by Bush to get back at the French, even tho french fries are Belgium! NOT FRENCH!
Bush enjoys dem der freedom fries, I tell ya what.
by Ni-No-Mo-No March 18, 2003
11 25
Noun (n) - crazy Cairo, Georgia people! They're so crazy, it's almost naked.
"Was I hax0red? It must have been those crazy kids again! THOSE DARN SYRUP-PIRATES.COM!"
by Ni-No-Mo-No March 23, 2003
2 22