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someone, usually an over hyped fanboy or a fanboy of another console, who complains and/or criticizes a video games graphics even if they are good.
Mr.Noob: "That's A sweet video of Halo 2...oops, that Halo 3, I could hardly tell the difference."

Frankie: "Oh really, Go jump of a cliff graphics nazi."
by Verdreht 254 August 24, 2007
A gamer who judges a video game by its graphics.
Graphics Nazi: zomg d00d gta 3s grafics is sho sitty!!1 dun play it!!!
Guy: Shut up you doofus. Did you really expect HD graphics back in 2001?
-Graphics Nazi leaves the chatroom-
Guy: Well that escalated quickly.
by Fr3nch fr13s September 07, 2014
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