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Something that looks or is really good and/or desirable. Also implies that the said 'thing' is extremely wellmade and engineered with skill or is superior to similar objects.

Derived from usage of the word in the context of graphic porn or violence.
dave : "Woah! check out that ferrari, man"
bob : "S**t dude! thats totally graphic!!
by social scientist July 28, 2006
A term used to bundle all sex, violence, adult language, and drug use encountered in a movie or video game. May also be applied to any situation in which the above are encountered in real life.
Man, that movie had a lot of graphic in it.
by ianisovich December 30, 2009
The most important part of any game, even more important than the gameplay itself

At least, according to today's youth, who tend to forget decade-old games that had pioneered the ideas made popular by these new games.

See also: crysis
Crysis is touted as having "the first real time Predator like gameplay" when in fact there was (gasp) an Alien vs. Predator PC game tied into the franchise, released in 1999 -- Crysis just has better graphics.
by Victor933 June 02, 2009
Something that has to look good or else you cannot play the game.
Yo, these graphics suck though, why would I play this? -Timmy
by CockBlockula May 25, 2014

the products of the graphic arts, especially commercial design or illustration.


the use of diagrams in calculation and design.


visual images produced by computer processing.

the use of computers linked to display screens to generate and manipulate visual images.

Graphics Designers:
Adam K
Its Just Broomy

Pyxl Styx
Blaze Graphics
Citrix Nova
Blaze's Graphics is awesome
by xXx FaZe DC xXx October 07, 2014
shaved symbols into a person's hair, usually zig-zags. Left or Right side of the head may signify a gang alliance
Person #1: Ay Joe, you got some sICk graphics
Person #2 : Hell yeah! My guy did these
by Windy Styles November 14, 2007
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