When used in the expression "to be a grapefruit" it means being a third wheel, the spare part, feeling left out or excluded, as is the case if you go out with a group of couples.
It turned out to be a double date--James was supposed to come along but when he found out that both my and John's girlfriends were coming along, he decided he didn't want to be a grapefruit.
by malathia February 23, 2006
a girl with a bad fake tan...orange on the outside, pink on the inside...
'man did you just see that grapefruit....girl belonged on the next episode of the jersey shore'
by the lifeless January 29, 2010
A Grapefruit is a derogatory term for Albanian people est. in 2009 by a group of people in Connecticut.
Guy1: Yo I'm Albanian
by Qingman December 18, 2010
The act of getting so lonely you carve a hole in a great fruit, heat it up for 30 seconds, and masturbate with it.
"Oh my god this grape fruit is amazing!"
by Colojolo July 26, 2009
A food of deception. It is not a grape, and doesn't taste like a fruit. It is obvious that grapefruit is a mere vegetable in disguise.
All warfare is based on grapefruit-like behavior.
-Sun Tzu, Art of War
by tcbaklash January 09, 2012
When Tripping on mushrooms... when your first wave of tripping hits. Also, when your in conversation and you lose all train of thought, you can explain yourself with saying "grapefuit"
and then i asked her if.... and... ummm.... woah... grapefruit!
by braddy bra July 08, 2010
Word used by men to get off a boner. Used by Kyle in Kyle XY.
Dude I felt like such an idiot in math. I got a boner, so I had to scream "GRAPEFRUIT!" to get rid of it.
by JSimms April 30, 2009
D cup bra size
Hey Mikey look, grapefruits 10 o'clock
by Bigdickylewis November 02, 2003

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