black people version of grape juice with the exception of:
nutrients and vitamins
consists of:
sugar, water, and of course purple
jimmy: hey you want some grape juice
shawn:what? nigga wtf is juice i want some grape drank baby, it's purple
jimmy: im not sure i know what grape drink is
jimmy:i got some apple juice
shawn:WTF IS JUICE!! i want some apple drank. it's greeeeeeeen
by da_him March 08, 2009
African American term for beverage consisting of water, sugar and grape flavouring.
"Grape Drank, ima grip n sip"
by John Lord April 03, 2008
Any grape flavored drink, preferably carbonated, usually containing water, sugar, and artificial grape flavoring; A favorite among African-Americans.
Yo man I need some of that Welch's grape drank!
by Sven G July 20, 2009
itz that drank thats served cold in hotlanta. could be served by tha jug. ex. jugga-drank
how to make - 1 cup of drank, 1 jolly rancher, some st. ives body wash (only in that purple stuff.. nah mean?)
what u kno bout that grape drank?
by trap star May 01, 2006
A delicious mixture of grape soda (usually Grapette) and rum (usually Captain Morgan). Invented by an Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering student at the West Lafayette, Indiana campus of Purdue University. Rum can be substituted with vodka or other alcohol depending on what is available. Typically tastes like Grape Otter Pops or Robatussin, depending on the person.
Dillon: Hey Sam, what the hell is this drink called? It's DELICIOUS!

Sam: It's called Grape Drank. I invented it yesterday.

Dillon: What's in it?

Sam: Grape soda and Captain Morgan.

Dillon: Damn, this is good.
by sabresfan3935 July 23, 2009
Def 1. Grape drank is just a variation to the word purple drank.

Def 2. The way people in ATL say the word wine.
Def 1. Yo mang, i need some more grape drank like mike jones

Def 2. Would you like a glass of grape drank with your dinner?
by T-Cow May 01, 2006
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