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black people version of grape juice with the exception of:
nutrients and vitamins
consists of:
sugar, water, and of course purple
jimmy: hey you want some grape juice
shawn:what? nigga wtf is juice i want some grape drank baby, it's purple
jimmy: im not sure i know what grape drink is
jimmy:i got some apple juice
shawn:WTF IS JUICE!! i want some apple drank. it's greeeeeeeen
by da_him March 08, 2009
something you have a specialty in
he was acting mad niggerish man, which was "right up my alley "charlie murphy
making chicken is "right up my alley "
by da_him March 06, 2009
baseball cards with slave owners on them
-Dave chappelle
our "american money" looks like baseball cards with slave owners on em
by da_him March 06, 2009
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