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When you're taking a crap and it comes out like little cannon balls.
Dude, I've been crapping out the cannonball pooplets lately--nothing but grape shot.
by Matty Bogs February 10, 2008
1. Cannon charge consisting of small round balls, usually of lead, iron or cast iron, that were held in clusters of 5 or more.

2. Party or gathering that is essentially void of women (a scale above or near 8:1 men per woman), Thus making an abundance of testicles. Generally the men are packed into a closed space or room forming a cluster.
1. The noted pirate Bartholomew Roberts AKA "Black Bart" was killed by a blast of grapeshot from HMS Swallow

2. "This bar is a total sausage fest!" said Bill to Jim, an all the other men in the tightly packed bar. "This sausage fest is a total grapeshot!" said Jim to Bill, and all the other men in the tightly packed bar.
by Opposable March 01, 2011
The act of pouring a box of grape nerds into a strippers butt which she then farts out at your face. Having a similar effect as a close range cannon shot.
"Did you see John last night? That stripper hit him with the grapeshot!"
by Grapeshot July 13, 2014

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