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A bicycle of a certain style usually made pre-1990, with thin wheels and a thin frame. They are usually found or stolen rather than bought and are often a mismatch of numerous bikes to create the optimum level of comfort and speed. Most are now found through hard-rubbish collection or at dumps and ridden by young folk.
"You should see the granny basher I picked up yesterday, it is heaps good"

"Fuck dude, you really have to stop thrashing that granny basher so hard, hard-rubbish isnt until October"
by samueljay October 26, 2008
Someone who likes to engage in sexual intercourse with women over 70
Ted:Your dad's a granny basher
Jon: No he's not just cos his GF is over 85 :@
by Cabal January 09, 2006
A person who has violent sex with grandmothers.
It's an insult that'll make everyone laugh at the victim. Only use when you are cussing people down.
you'You bumbaclaat! *kiss teeth*
me'Shut up you granny basher'
by Killeress January 05, 2006