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Rolling your eyes in the back of your head as a response to annoyance or stupidity of another persons questions or remarks.
I totally did a Grandy when she just asked where the any key was on the keyboard.
by J-9 February 14, 2007
Slang for $1000.

Plural: Grandies
I dropped a grandy on this new suit, but it was totally worth it.
by nickdotxam April 02, 2014
The act of lighting your bowl, one hitter, bong, etc with a sweetly flavored cigar and then taking a hit of the cigar.

side note: doing an insane smoke signal after both hits is highly suggested.

This word evolved from the fictional character of Chris Grandy played by Jim Gaffigan.
Jamie and Molly are so classy they lite their bowls of Master Kush with the end of wine flavored cigars and then hit the cigar too. mhmm. They hit that Grandy good.
by Jimes Chumbus December 08, 2010
The grandy is a highly deviant solo-sexual activity in which the (most commonly male) participant gives himself a handy after soaking his hand in water in order to develop wrinkles and simulate the tactile sensation of an old man or woman's hand.
The grandy can be used in conjunction with other common solo-sex acts committed mainly by men such as the stranger.
"I soaked my hands in my warm soapy tub for an hour in preperation for a kick-ass grandy."
by Panzerthrice August 18, 2008
A pervert who is feeling particulary happy about something/someone.
"ooohhhhh, this is making me feel right grandy right now. All grandy in my pants."
by Andy_Legend April 20, 2006
An emotional state, being Grand, and Dandy at the same time.
How are you?
by Daniel December 18, 2004
1. An Editor for the Seattle "indie" newspaper, The Stranger.
2. A wannabe viral piece of grafitti.
3. A lucid state of mind, verging on insanity/enlightenment.
3 and a half. none of the above.
"Bill, why is Eric fucking Grandy?/ Doesn't he have a day job?"/"Phil, we love Eric fucking Grandy/Eric is pimp."/ Grandy is a state of mind/It is comparable to Nirvana/Being in Grandy is just like that/But more yellow hues are involved/ Grandy was created by the hand of God/Corrupted by the devil/And declared himself a free agent/Being in Grandy is declaring yourself a free agent/ Eric is fucking Grandy a lot/And he is also fucking high a lot/Grandy makes you focus/Even when there are disturbing videos of pregnant ladies dancing/ Grandy is like a river/You can throw rocks into it but it will never die/That’s why Eric had a love affair/And he can’t keep a job/ Sometimes I touch myself and think about Grandy/Sometimes Grandy touches me and I think about myself/I can’t force it either way/Grandy is like crazy good make-up sex/ Eric went behind the schoolhouse to relax/And Grandy is a life force/He needed to calm himself down/It was some intense Grandy action/ See, Grandy is what Grandy does/I forget what I was saying…/These cookies are boss!/Grandy is the face of the hundred dollar bill/ Grandy has to be having sex while listening to techno/Fucking in the handicap bathroom/We’re all high on E/Now that’s Grandy/ Grandy has polka dots/And stripes and plaid/Eric shoots up heroin with his cop friends/But who the fuck is Eric?
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