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this game has amazing quotes. (see below)
my compliments on a job well done mr teal.
please tommy, i hate the damn french.
gigglecream, because desserts should be funny.
tommy tommy i like fish, i love fish. but as much as i love them, i dont want to sleep with them!
your going down ya backstabbing prick!
just keep the camera pointed at the poontang.
you better start talking!
hey, can i borrow a knife?
rated 'R' for retarded.
we need some drugs pal!
screw you man.
man you the man man i like you man i like you a lot!
any time man cos you got big cojones and all my friends they have biiig cojones!
i want to hear you scrrrrrrream!
freeze asshole!
wheres your car hun?
ill be your medicine!
thank you.
ooh look a giant fish...
oh yeah oh yeah ooh yes yes YES ooooh!

beat that.
by tommy April 29, 2004
best game on PS2 i've ever played!

hijackings, killings,shootings,stealings,smuggling
I did ya wife...ya poor bastard!
by Tommy Vercetti February 04, 2004
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