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1. A foul/offensive stench, usually due to underarm perspiration.
2. Excessive bad odor of any kind, usually in comparison to body odor.
1. Mawhsul, I think it's time you should begin using deodarant, because your grajo burns both my eyes and nostrils during gym.
2. This public bathroom smells of grajo.
by Mawhsul October 16, 2006
The smell that a nigger emits, a combination of their natural tendency to stink, along with chicken grease, activator, and cholestorol, sometimes accentuated by menthol and malt
"Nigga, yo' grajo be bad today, nigga! You be spendin' tha night in a KFC bucket?"
by bonzowantshisnameback February 26, 2009
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