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Straight + Gay.
Usually used to describe someone who claims to be straight, but everyone can tell they're gay.
Person 1: Gee, you sure are graight!
Person 2: Thanks!
Person 1: Graight, not great.
Person 2: No, I'm not.
Person 1: Stop denying it already. Everyone knows the truth!
by H.M. Switz December 22, 2008

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Adjective describing someone of ambiguous sexual orientation. A combination of "gay" and "straight." Refers to someone who is specifically not asexual but whose sexual preference is unclear.
The guy's elevated taste in wine and art suggested that he was gay, but his wardrobe and love of violent sports bespoke heterosexuality. Being neither clearly gay nor obviously straight, we were left to conclude that he was "graight."
by Belle Epoque October 16, 2005