A combination of certain drinks. it contains mountain dew, chocolate milk, raw eggs, gatorade, and Monster energy. It gives one the ability to go completely insane and energized, and makes the average athlete become superb at the sport they play.
Little Peyton was sick of being weak, so he took some G-Rade and eventually became the future quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.
by Porrazzo January 20, 2009
Top Definition
something invented to make you feel as if you are inferior to other people just by a letter in the alphabet
boy: heres my report card
dad: AN F????????????????????
boy: yeah
by i suck March 29, 2005
Something that rates the amount of effort and skill you put into a piece of work, typically for school
Below shows how different races generally feel about their grades, in categories Other and Asians.

Grades to Others:
A= Above Average
B= Great!
C= Average
D= Below Average
F= Failure

Grades to Asians:
A= Average
B= Below Average
C= Crappy
D= Death (partially from parents)
F= Fucked (partially from parents)
by Tony Huynh April 16, 2008
another word for canabis based drugs such as skunk and bush. taken from strength variation of the cannabis which is also referred to as grade.
set me some grade later.
by pseudonym November 15, 2004
Either a letter, check mark, or numerical percentage, awarded to students to serve as an arbitrary means of evaluating one’s academic performance regarding various scholarly subjects and thus assessing one’s comparative worth against his/her pupils. Grades originated out of social necessity through individuals who were too stupid to recognize whether or not someone had any intellectual value without a universal standard to measure by.
The most stupid example of grades is the minus/plus system, which penalizes the achievers and rewards the slackers.
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
An evaluative calculation based on alphabetical sequence that is used to make one a slave to the system and puppet to labor. Holds no correlation with intelligence, wisdom, or knowledge.
Student A: I got A's for all my grades.
Student B: Wonderful, now go properly learn.
by lightbringer September 30, 2007
Another Word For Weed
We Getting Some Grade Today?
by Marcus-B June 10, 2006
Something that is eared by your hacking skills in school. Some People cheat by bribing the teachers to do it for them by doing their work, this will not work if the teacher doesnt like you.
leethacker: I got straight a's
straigh a student: i did the work
leethacker: you cheater
by letthaxxor January 27, 2004

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