Top Definition
Bullshitting; making small talk
"You guys need to cut out the grab-assing and get to work."
by Les June 06, 2003
an expression used to refer to the horseplay being committed by others that has become annoying; also refers to horseplay, that by some aspect would likely be annoying and/or offensive to others.
e.g. "Hey! Knock off the grab-ass!" or "Hey! Knock off the grab-assing!"
by A. Carpenter May 22, 2007
Fucking around with one or more other people, generally at work.
"You guys don't have time to be grab assing! Now get back to work, slackers!"
by pjdpete April 14, 2006
Horse playin
Stop all your grab assing, And come help us
by ijglkh September 24, 2008
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