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To grab one's ankles is essentially to bend over and prepare for what's coming. It is a reference to getting fucked in the ass (usually in a figurative sense). Sometimes the person grabbing their ankles is at fault, and sometimes it is the result of some new organizational policy.
The company just laid a bunch of people off and is requiring mandatory overtime for all salary-paid employees, so get ready to grab your ankles.
by firstbullet October 04, 2008
THat means you have to grab your ankles so someone can anal you. Or fuck you up your ass
Grab your ankles girl cause we gone have fun tonight.
by Goozy mane April 02, 2006
Grab your ankles means your telling hopfully (your lady) your gonna enter her from the back side. Either in the pussy or the ass.
I told Crystle, grab your ankles... she did cuz she's good like that. How you say "A good little girl".
by -cM June 18, 2007
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