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The number of girls there is for one boy at a party.

Girls Per Boy.

When it's alot of girls and few boys the number of GPB increases.
Person 1 (guy): Where are you dude?

Person 2 (guy): I'm at a party!!
Person 1: Oh, is it worth coming?

Person 2: Hell yeah, it's 3 GPB!!
#number #party #girls #boys #gpb
by Beverly Hille April 10, 2010
Gamer Point Bitch. Someone who plays Xbox360 games solely to collect gamer points.
"Dude I hope you had fun playing Doritos Dash of Destruction, you fuckin' gpb"
#xbox360 whore #lpb #low ping bitch #camping fag #boosting
by Frank Kosher January 14, 2010
Granny Panty Bri.

Being able to see the panty style that a woman is wearing through their pants.
look at that Gpb bro
#gsp #gpp #gbp #oops #bam
by theOnetheTwo March 21, 2014
Gay psychiatry boy
What a G.P.B.!
by Word up October 16, 2003
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