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A word used when doing short or long division. (gozinto = goes into)
2 gozinto 4 twice.

3 gozinto 9 thrice.

Class, tell me how many times 258,023 gozinto 342,221,876.
by I_Love_Slang March 18, 2010
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1. A stiff but supple wire with a hook or eye that threads lace, string, ribbon, or other long, hard-to-thread material into a narrow tube that fingers can't reach.

2. An animal or even a child that goes into certain places to hide in or act from.
"I couldn't push the ribbon through all those eyelets, so I used my gozinto, and the ribbon slid right through."

"Maru is a famous Internet cat. He's a gozinto because he loves diving into any kind of box you show him."

"My cat loves to be a gozinto when he slides up my jacket sleeve to attack his toys."

"My daughter is a gozinto. She loves to crawl into little hidey-holes and scare people that walk by."
by ginnyjollykidd May 16, 2013

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