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Something that, in 2013, was supposed to stop the delay of Obamacare, just so that the Obama Administration could turn around and keep delaying parts of it later.
Progressives and Democrats wailed about the partial government shutdown -- name-calling the Republicans "extremists" and "domestic terrorists" -- but have no problem with Obama delaying parts of Obamacare now -- which is exactly what the argument surrounding the government shutdown was about in the first place. Hypocrites!
by oiehg aori March 04, 2014
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Another way of saying that the government is tired of trying to fix the mess they've made for us, so they are going to go home and sleep until someone else fixes the problem.
We the Strong nation Of the United States of America have decided to have a Government-Shutdown, and in doing so we the government expect that this will make everything worse, but rest assured the senate and congress will be sitting cozy in our large mansions waiting for someone to fix this for us.
by randy Farris April 08, 2011
When a bunch of inbred ivy leaguers forget that their job is to run a country and maintain stability and think that anyone actually gives a shit about their infantile sound and fury over budget cuts which will have about as much effect on the national debt as taking a piss in the ocean.
As any four-year-old knows, 99% of national spending goes to the military, social security and other pensions, but we had a government shutdown because the House couldn't come to a compromise about the other 1%.
by mps310 April 07, 2011

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