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Arnold 'Governator' Schwarzenegger, Governor of California 2003. Ran against tens of publicity-attracted candidates, including a female porn star. Nickname originating from starring the Terminator movies. Popular actor and a former Mr. Universum, Austrian origins have resulted in interesting accent.
Will The Governator be back?
by Tony Salo October 30, 2003
A washed up, fat ass republican suffering from hypogonadism due to a diminshed supply of now outlawed anobolic steroids. After his long lived sucess in body building and kicking sand in whimps faces at the beach. The Governator moved on to become a action movie hero. Although never able to master the art of the English language, the Governator has been an inspiration to the cognitively challenged all over the world. (except Austria) Taking the higher moral ground for his political aspirations, the Governator declared himself a Repubican and headed to Sacramento with his 7 Hummers, Cuban Cigars and lofty, ambiguous goals for taking down "Special Interests" such as 86 year old ladies healthcare plans, one legged police officer's pensions, and cutting back funding to those girly girl teachers who tried to teach him English. Although exihibiting himself as a tough guy who even brandished a 2 foot knife for the media while "Slashing" the budget, the poor Governator turned tail and ran from some crazy trash talking redneck from Atascadero, California in May of 2010. The Governator refuse the glory of the Octagon and chose be be just plain ol' gone. Fair thee well sweet prince.
Dude, did you hear the Governator was afraid to step into the ring with some trash talking redneck from the sticks? I guess all those years of flexing in women's panties were some kind of sign. Maybe he's spooning with Rush right now.
by J Conner June 21, 2010
As in the way of The Hit BlockBuster,

The Terminator

in which Arnold Schwarzenegger played the evil robot that helped destroy a civilization, then went good in the sequel, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been elected for Governor of California.

As the Governor, Mr. Schwarzenegger hopes to reenact his role by destroying the state of california, then rebuilding it when he is re elected, for his stunning 10-pack abs. People will hten recognize him as the hero, but for now hes just...

Wow, The Governator really brought us down, but now that hes brought us back up, i really enjoy his great 10-pack abs.
by Shane December 14, 2003
nickname given to an aging tough-guy in relation to a sinsiter plot to have the entire cast of the movie Predator elected to the position of governor.
first Jesse Ventura, now Arnold, next...Carl Weathers or the Predator
by annonymous November 13, 2003
A machine sent back in time to terminate Gray Davis and become GOVERNER of CALEEFORNIA.
by JACK BAUER September 29, 2003
California's answer to Minnesota's former governer Jesse "the body" Ventura. Now maybe California's governor can kick Minnesota's governors ass. We'll see if Gray will be back.
The terminator kicked Gray Davis' democratic ass!!!
Democrats piss me off!!!

Where'd Gray go? He's been erased
by the Prophet August 07, 2003
The coolest dam mo-fo to hit the US political scene since Ronald Reagan.
Ahhnald....you rock dude.
by Streamwalker September 15, 2004