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An exclamation yelled after someone is completely owned by a comeback or statement.
Person 1: "Well what do you mean she's a slut? You just mean, this girl, she's a bit... loose?"

Person 2: "Well her pants are loose"

Person 3: "GOTTEM"
by Kris. April 19, 2008
A word describing all things good in the world. The opposite of fiddle. Gottem originated in the Asian portions of New Jersey and had spread to be a world-wide phenomenon. It can be heard in the songs Teach Me How To Gottem, All I Do Is Gottem, and Gottem Good. All math teachers' least favorite word.
Math Teacher: The answer is 69.
Fiddler: Fiddle!
Gottemmer: Gottem!
Math Teacher: Stop with the gottem!
Gottemmer: But all I do is gottem!
by I'm The Gottem King December 17, 2011
An asian kids favorite word that he yells after everything. Opposite of fiddler.
Asian kid: Stop fiddling around. You have to be gottem.
Other kid: whatever
by jjj9991 November 12, 2011
another form of the word pwned; word you say when you make somebody look somewhat of a retard..
joe: brett farve did NOT play for the atlanta falcons.

tim: (pulls out falcons jersey)

joe: ohh..... nevermind

time: GOTT EMMM.
by iDiZZyyyyyy September 12, 2009
Your not supposed to look at the fingers, below the waist! how many times do i have to tell you!
Jonny said he had hurt his foot, but when Timmy looked at his foot, Jonny said "gottem!" and Timmy began to cry after being punched in the arm by Jonny.
by Jon S February 29, 2004
What you yell when you grab a fine girls ass or tits.
When I grabbed Christel's tits, he yelled "GOTTEM!"
by andrew June 27, 2003
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