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Gotcha' Back;

1.) I am covering your BACK... (As in Touching... Back-to-Back, Shoulder-to Shoulder, Neck-to-Neck.)

*Cover "ALL Quarters."

*From the VIETNAM ERA, when in Jungle war-fare, it was necessary to cover ALL QUARTERS.
"Gotcha' Back"

Go ahead with your FRONTAL Assualt/Defense... I am "Back-to-Back", with you All-The-Way...
by Chaplain C. March 14, 2009

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Got Your Back

1) Quick slang in tense situations

2) Easy reply to good lookin out, a way of accepting props.
1) "Ol' boy's movin sideways" - "Gotchaback, nigga"

2) *Opening a door for a partner* -- "Good lookin out, brother." "Gotchaback, bro."
by zenpanther December 05, 2007