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2 definitions by zenpanther

Got Your Back

1) Quick slang in tense situations

2) Easy reply to good lookin out, a way of accepting props.
1) "Ol' boy's movin sideways" - "Gotchaback, nigga"

2) *Opening a door for a partner* -- "Good lookin out, brother." "Gotchaback, bro."
by zenpanther December 05, 2007
A twine or string belt used to hold pants up.

In cheap correction facilities, a "Jethro(pe)" refers to a bit of broken shoelace used to tie one belt-loop to another, in order to cinch pants around the waist.

"Brother, you best quit sagging those jeans or the CO's gonna tie a Jethrope on ya".
by zenpanther January 20, 2008