a ignorant person that is busy doing retarded things; a idoit on the go
That go-tard really thinks he's doing something important
by ola February 07, 2003
One who is mentally handicaped. WBLI Ingredient D
Gotards, gotards GO!!!
by The Admiral July 23, 2003
v: To be gotarded.
n: One who is a gotard. An extremely retarded moron that tries to be smart
-Look what you did to my monkey, you gotard!

-What are you, some kind of gotard?

-Rush Limbaugh
by Strongbad February 09, 2003
Person Guy
A man afaid of getting a good fuck, so he uses his limited irony to mask his inability to get any action
by Person Guy October 16, 2003
A flake; person on whom one is constantly waiting.
We are "Waiting for Go-tard."
by ADSum February 15, 2004

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