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To be in 100% control of a particular situation, and to have previously orchestrated a favourable conclusion.
Dang Mack, "Why would you kick that fine girl to the curb?" Listen man, don't you worry about me, "I got it on lock"
by joe y jaw break ers March 07, 2010
V. while either in or out of a relationship, when a man has a woman that he can hook up with at any time of the day.
Caleb: I've been having a dry spell lately.
Mubeen: Not me, I've got it on lock with Kelsey.
Caleb: Liar!
Mubeen: Na it's true man she'll do anything I want, any hour of the day.
Caleb: You are a god.
by Too Frat For That January 07, 2011
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