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the desire to wrestle naked with older men
"Hi, Dorf? Can you come over with Adam? Steph and I are feeling a little gorny..."
by Peachy Teeny February 11, 2005
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the characterstic given to something extremely savage. Something that improves your life or makes you happy is considered to be gorny.
Feeling old ladies flab is gorny.

life in the Hamptons is gorny.

Bob Marley's dreads are gorny.
by ilyvak September 11, 2009
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insatiably eager for bloody, gutty violence and gore; having a strong desire to watch something brutally bloody and kickass; horny for gore
Shony Malize: God Dammit I just really wanna watch something gory!!!!!

Lumps: (te-he) your gorny

Humper Wright: Gorny?

Kinky Quails: yah... Horny for gore.
by Quohnny March 22, 2008
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