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1. Official: (noun) A Santoro line of gifts for young girls including stationary, clothing and other items.

2. Unofficial: (adjective) A word used by (mostly) teenage and young adult women from the North East of England to describe their profile pictures when really it's a photo of them pouting in a club wearing too much fake tan. Can also apply as an adjective for things like purses, bling/crap jewellery etc. A misspelling of gorgeous, I assume because regular computers don't have autocorrect.
1. 'Dear Santa, I'd really like some Gorjuss pyjamas for Christmas'

2. 'OMG babe u luk gorjuss in dat foto loll such a gud night out && i drank waay to much jaegerbombs lmao xxx'
by jidgetbones October 07, 2013
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