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1. Relations with a man
2. Relations with a hairy man
3. Relations with a fat man
4. Relations with a muscular man
5. Relations with a tall man
6. Relations with any man or woman that reminds you of a gorilla!
Did you have gorillas and cheese?

I hope we get to make some gorillas and cheese tonight.

We did some gorillas and cheese in the dumpster!
by ivanaeataturdpwease August 29, 2008
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9 Words related to gorillas and cheese
(1) sex with a man
(2) sex with a big, husky man
(3) sex with a muscular, bodybuilder-like man
(1) she had gorillas and cheese with Marty
(2) she had gorillas and cheese with Wityk
(3) she had gorillas and cheese with that that buff dude in the corner
by poopdamajikarmageddon August 28, 2008

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