One who has large testicles.
What's up Gorilla Nuts? Did you get up in 'ol girl last night?
by Incredible Houck August 13, 2008
Top Definition
it is a woman's belly that she tucks in her elastic waist pants. The fold around her belly button resembles a large scrotum found on a gorilla.
Damn Big will, tell Josh to look at dem Gorilla nuts on that bitch
by keithM777 August 24, 2008

1. A term to describe the physical condition in which a male of any species has one testicle at least 2.5 times the size of the other. The bigger of the 2 is called the "Gorilla Nut." The smaller of the 2 has not yet been defined and pales in comparison. This Gorilla Nut hangs much further down than the other and sometimes can even hang lower than the penis. There is no such thing as Gorilla Nut(s) because it only occurs in a lopsided or disproportionate nutsack.
"If you've ever seen a man with an exposed testicle, it's usually the gorilla nut."
by billebllunt December 10, 2013
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