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when you are doing a girl up the ass when she is about to cum pull ur dick out and punch her in the stomach and she will shit all over
by j duffman January 28, 2003
The definition I have always heard for gorilla punch is the same as for donkey punch. You know, the whole punch her in the back of the head during anal thing.
When I was about to jizz I gave her a gorilla punch.
by FB May 23, 2003
When a male shaves his pubies before getting his peepee sucked by a girl. as the male "ejaculates" on the female's face, he throws his shaved pubies at her face making her look like a gorilla, hence the name "gorilla punch".
Yo john the other day sally was givin' me a blow j, and as i was coming on her face i gorilla punched that stank ass hoe. that bitch looked like a fuckin silverback.
by Lou Stoulz April 01, 2009